Hello World

Hello World

27 April 2020


Welcome to my new and shiny digital quarters. After about 7 restarts the project finally got a release. I will definitely drink a beer to this glorious event. But in no way is this webpage completed, I see it more as a moving target like most things in web development. I just want to get this project released while the momentum is present and prevent an 8th restart from happening.

The following article is mostly intended to show my own goals and "rules" for this project and test how writing is going to work. There is no story to be found in this post hence the #0 number (I am saving the good stuff for the true first blog post #1) just some late night babbling here. This would be a good point to stop reading. You have been warned.

About me

Hey there I am Wlad (but you probably already deduced that from the domain name). In addition to being called Wlad I am a software developer located in Munich Germany. I've been developing software since I was a little scrub 13 years ago and thus far still find bottomless joy in doing so. In the last couple of years I jumped a lot between OpenGL, embedded development in C, iOS and primarily fullstack web development. I just love elegant solutions to complex problems be it in fuzzy human facing UI, networking or data processing. I hope all of this adds up to some interesting articles if anyone should ever stumble upon this webpage. Maybe the content of the server storing this webpage will be dug up by aliens far in the future and provide them with one or two TypeScript solutions for their new software project, you just never know.


The best thing about software development to me is the constant problem solving. Most projects bring new and unforeseen challenges and discoveries with them. These findings get lost in forgotten repos deep inside the source files. To prevent this from happening I want to put such gems in the spotlight and equally archive them in a more reasonable fashion. Additionally there are tons of projects waiting on to-do lists inside of old notepads that are just need a sprinkle of motivation. Therefore my drive for this blog is simple:

  1. Archive and preserve cool stuff I stumble upon during my work and hobby projects.
  2. Provide me with the well needed kick in the bum to do more cool projects.
  3. Get some practice in writing.

Lets see how far this blog will go and hope my blogging motivation will not die in two months :)


To keep myself motivated and productive (especially during the current COVID-19 dictated times) I strife to upload two blog posts per month. This will probably fall apart really quick or will work out nicely I personally cannot tell since I have never written on a regular basis before.

Lets blog

Without further blogging about blogging meta inception lets get this project started. I already have a decent selection of topics in the pipeline and cannot wait to start. See you in the next blog post with actually interesting content.