8 Restarts Later

8 Restarts Later

Welcome to the digital world of Wlad, a software developer based in Munich, Germany, and the creator of this shiny new webpage. It has taken seven restarts to finally reach this point of release, and it is a moment to celebrate. While this webpage is far from being completed, Wlad sees it as a moving target, which is common in web development. The goal was to release the project while the momentum was present, to prevent an 8th restart from happening.

In this #0 blog post, Wlad shares some background information and sets the tone for the upcoming content. This blog will focus on the constant problem-solving aspect of software development, and Wlad aims to archive and preserve interesting findings and discoveries that are often lost in forgotten repositories.

The motivation behind this blog is threefold. Firstly, to archive and preserve cool stuff that Wlad stumbles upon during his work and hobby projects. Secondly, to provide the much-needed kick in the bum to do more cool projects, and finally, to practice writing. Wlad sets a goal of uploading two blog posts per month to keep himself motivated and productive, especially during the COVID-19 dictated times.

As a reader, you can expect to see interesting and relevant content related to software development, including elegant solutions to complex problems. With a decent selection of topics already in the pipeline, Wlad is excited to get started and share his findings with the world.

Overall, this introductory blog post sets a good foundation for the upcoming content, while also providing some insight into the creator’s motivations and goals. The only suggestion for improvement would be to clarify the focus of the blog a bit more, as the topics mentioned are quite broad. Perhaps narrowing down the focus to a specific area of software development would help attract a more targeted audience.