I'm a full-stack developer with 9+ years of experience. I specialize in developing e-commerce platforms, iOS apps, and other custom software solutions. I'm skilled in a variety of technologies and committed to delivering high-quality work. Let's talk about your project and how I can help.
Here is a small list of things I currently love building with:


TypeScript Golang Swift C C++ Rust Python

Frameworks & Tools

Svelte React Deno Docker PyTorch NodeJS Kubernetes

CMS & Tools

Strapi Contentful Figma Illustrator Photoshop


Some projects I worked on for fun and profit


At the heart of my work is a deep belief in the power of clear design and performant software. I strive to create elegant, user-friendly interfaces that prioritize simplicity and ease of use. And I'm committed to writing efficient, streamlined code that delivers top-notch performance and speed.
Whether working on a large-scale project or a small, focused assignment, I always keep these principles in mind. I believe that by prioritizing clear design and performance, we can create software that not only meets user needs but exceeds their expectations.