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Cybertronically enhanced plant tracking your real life progress. Developed as part of the Unternehmer TUM Think.Make.Start program.

App Hardware Product Design ESP32 RTOS Flutter Bluetooth


GrowMe is a state-of-the-art progress tracking app that makes your accomplishments come alive. With the help of a cybertronically enhanced plant, it tracks your real-time progress and milestones, showcasing them as a visual representation of your achievements and setbacks.


  • App development with Flutter
  • Logo design


As part of the Unternehmer TUM Think.Make.Start program, this innovative project was developed in just two weeks, and I was proud to be part of the software development team. Our team worked hand-in-hand with the hardware team to bring this unique idea to life. While they focused on the plant mechanics, I was responsible for the ESP32 microcontroller that controls the plant and the connected mobile app.


The cybertronically enhanced plant is powered by the ESP32 microcontroller, which operates its six motors to produce stunning animations. The app, developed in Flutter, connects to the ESP32 through Bluetooth Low Energy and provides users with full control over the plant and its animations. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a novice, GrowMe will take your life goal journey to the next level.